Sunday, November 12, 2006

Late night musings

Another post coming together after I've put my boys to bed. I keep thinking I'm going to carve out some time during the day, but blogging is awfully hard to prioritize when your favorite people are clamoring for your attention.
I'm beginning to feel comfortable here (PA), or at least less overwhelmed. With the help of mapquest I think I could find most anything. There are even a few places I'd dare go without a map!
The neighbors are warming up to us and Sir Oliver has got them all wrapped around his little finger. What a charmer. Well, at least he's a charmer when he's not spitting up, which seems to be all the time to the mamma. Why do I bother wearing clean clothes? Dunno.
I find it ever so slightly ironic that Mr Renn got here 5 weeks before I did yet I've received both a church assignment (playing piano for the kids in primary during singing time) and been asked to speak in church before him. How does he manage to lay low so well?
So I'm supposed to speak next week on opposition. Could that assignment possibly have anything to do with Mr Renn getting up in the Testimony Meeting last week and telling the whole congregation that I have been a wreck? (Yes "wreck" is the exact term he used.... Something like, "And my wife has pretty much been a wreck since we got here...") Several guys told him afterwards that he's a brave, brave man.
I couldn't really get upset with him because it's pretty much true. A teeny tiny part of me even hoped that the embarrassment of the moment would be offset by all the ladies who would rush to be my new friends and un-wreck me. That didn't happen, but I still didn't get mad. (Just embarrassed)
Sir Oliver has been growing like a weed (a chubby weed). He's also doing something new every day right now. It's almost like I wake up every morning to a different baby. He's still a mellow and happy guy unless he's tired or hungry (or recovering from shots). He'll do the cutest things and instead of just enjoying it and forming perfect intimate memories I have a crazy instinct to want to share it with someone. I almost feel (sometimes) like the darling moment is wasted because nobody saw it but me. Is that nuts or what? It's probably a slightly warped perspective derived from living so so close to family when Oliver was born. I need to work on that.
I love it that Renn can predictably stay awake for Iron Chef on Sunday nights, but no longer. 5 minutes after it is over, whammo - he's out like a light. He is so not a night person. It used to irritate me, but now that late night is the only time I really have to myself, I don't mind. In fact I think I like it. Yeah for nighttime moments when I can do whatever (quiet thing) I want!


Anonymous said...

Awe for those quiet nighttime moments---remember these times when Oliver is a teenager :) We think you're great and are anxiously awaiting your Christmas time visit when we can share those awesome Sir Oliver moments with you.

--jeff * said...

and yeah for those moments when mom can take a break and em can write! thank you so much for continuing to write about all the different facets of your life. i'm looking forward to seeing you in a few days!

tracy m said...

Night time is mama-sanity time. My husband is out early, too, and after 10 is when I get all the things done for me that I never have time for during the day- I sew, I draw, I write, I read... I love the night.

by the way, the videos are so cute...d

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're feeling like you can get around now. I think that makes such a difference.

My DH has said silly things in public before, too and I've gotten the "brave" comment. I usually think to myself, "Brave, dumb, potato, potahto." You're much better behaved than I am. :)

Sometimes I feel the same way about seeing little things Peanut does and I want to share them. That's probably why we videotape so much. I want everyone to see how sweeet and funny she is.

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