Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My feet on the ground

I deserve a t-shirt that says " I survived flying alone with Sir Oliver"
NOT one of my favorite things.
I have to be honest, it could have been a lot worse. Sir Oliver is really a congenial guy. But he wouldn't quite wake up for the ascent, and when he finally did wake up he was in holy horror type of pain in his eardrums. People must have thought I was trying to brand a piglet with hot irons. And the more urgent that it is that you nurse on a plane, the more difficult it is to do it discreetly. Everyone's staring at you because the baby's overwhelming their eardrums, and naturally you are too overwhelmed yourself to manage any buttons on your blouse or clasps on your nursing bra the first, or second, or even fifth try. And there are annoyed strangers within a foot of you in every direction. Awful stuff.
Other than that he only cried a few times when he got hungry and I again took too long with buttons and clasps.
Hooray for sitting with Mr Renn on the return flight.
And Boy do we miss Mr Renn already! Here's hoping he can hurry up with finals and get out here to play with us!
Lots of family around to oogle Sir Oliver and tell me how chubby he's getting. Now, is that a good thing?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
Yes, it's okay to have a chubby baby. It means he is getting enough to eat (not that skinny babies aren't). He looks perfect. I never thought that Ryan was chubby but I was told once that he looked like a sumo wrestler. I guess some people have never seen really chubby babies.

tracy m said...

Oh, YES! Chubby babies are the best!

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