Thursday, January 04, 2007


For whatever reason, I've had a lot of cause to reflect on the miracle of human bodies today. Instead of a New Years resolution to lose weight or exercise more, I want to make one to appreciate my body as a gift this year. Having a little body develop inside of you and come out flawless certainly changes your perspective.

This post and the follow up to it by one lovely lady certainly seemed to drive these thoughts home for me. On top of that Jody Ferlaak's musings on how her daughter is a miracle (quite literally) made me realize I've had plenty of experiences in my own life that have taught me this lesson. Life is a gift. Both my life and the lives of everyone I love are miraculous gifts to me.

Just trying to take a moment to notice. Then I start to wonder that I'm not constantly in awe over it. Especially the sounds of a sleeping Sir Oliver. (Did I ever mention that my baby snores like a sawmill?) LOVE IT!

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