Thursday, January 04, 2007

Like I was saying

Blogger has a knack for being the most dysfunctional on the rare occasions when I have something intelligent(ish) to say. Here's my second attempt at saying this correctly:

I always intended to be a dilligent no-TV mom. At least until Sir O was 2 or 3 years old. I've been told that it takes that long for a baby's brain to be able to perceive persistence of vision anyway. I made that decision back when I wasn't watching any TV myself. I was too busy with school and work for any TV to weasel its way into my life.
And now?
Well I still don't watch a lot of TV, but I do indulge in Food Network a lot and I watch a ton of Netflix movies. (I'm a huge fan of Netflix because of their fairly comprehensive selection and am WAY annoyed at the new anti-Netflix Blockbuster ads on TV. Grrr)
Sir Oliver almost always ends up watching with me.
Bad Mom.
But I have a genuine desire to improve and I'm looking for ideas (other than blogging.) What can I do with myself and Sir O when the urge to "watch" something hits? Usually it hits because I'm feeding Sir O and find myself sitting still for a few minutes with nothing for my mind to do, and then once it's on it has a nasty tendancy of staying on. No hard feelings TV, I'm sure you're capable of doing great things. I just don't want Sir O spending so much time with you just yet.


Anonymous said...

Boy can I relate! I have had the same feelings and yet, I find myself wasting my brain while watching movies while Gredtel plays and watches. I think I use it as "company" throughout the day. I hate the TV, too. But know that others can relate. :)

tracy m said...

I know. Before marriage, I didn't even HAVE a tw. Now we have three. Sigh.

With Jeff, I was so good about it, then along came Beanie, and he got more than Jeff did, because Jeff was watching while I fed Beanie. Then poor Abs has two older brothes who love them some Seasame Street... What's a mama to do?

I try and keep the content PBS or kids movies we've pre-approved- Book of Pooh is good for little ones- avoid like the plague any cartoon channels (the commercials are horrid!) and do what I can.

We watch a lot of Food Network, and the cool thing is, both my boys are foodies already and can identify good parmesan and portobellow mushrooms, and they LOVE to help me cook... Brightside, maybe?

tracy m said...

Dontcha love my spelling today? That's what happens when you have a fussy baby on your lap...

Em said...

Gosh Tracy, even your baby-lap typing is pretty impressive!

Anonymous said...

the best "advice" i can give is the same thing i would say about trying to avoid chocolate/sweets. Don't even let it be a temptation:) instead of having a candy, have a sweet fruit. instead of watching tv, read a book or something. that's what i'd do:)

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