Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our Funny Flavored Family Tradition

Every night after dinner our little family watches Good Eats. It doesn't seem to matter what time Mr Renn gets home, or how much studying he needs to get done. Somehow dinner is always wrapped up by 7 and our old struggling TV manages to get Food Network up (it can take dozens of tries to get the signal right).
Something about this show turns Mr Renn into a little kid again. He loves food, he loves science, and he loves the quirky humor. He nearly always laughs out loud. So it looks like the tradition is here to stay, at least for now. Sir Oliver doesn't seem to mind. He loves anything that gives him an excuse to hang out with his Dad!

1 comment:

tracy m said...

My boys both love cooking shows- and love to cook, something I hope to continue to foster.

Alton B is way cool. (and cute too, if you ask me!)

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