Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vicarious smiles

Happily, Pepper's baby has arrived safe and sound. Now I'm just waiting on Chan's. It's funny how much living I seem to do vicariously. Mr Renn has a single classmate/friend who is in the thick of a budding romance and I just eat it up.... it's better than a chick flick because it's real. And I get to watch it happen. What is it about that spectator relationship that is so irresistable?

Along that line, my very first college roommate had twin girls back in December. She is one of my very favorite people, if for no other reason than that she tolerated me very well while I was going through all sorts of awkward stages and transitions. She also taught me how to keep a clean house (but don't tell my mother that). We used to half-joke about her being obsessive-compulsive because she was the most tidy person you'd ever come across. I can't help but wonder how she's managing to be tidy with both of her arms tied up, but look how cute these babies are! It makes me happy in some deep undescribable way.


tracy m said...

Those babies are BEAUTIFUL- not to mention, when you blur your eyes, they make a lovely heart shape!

What a valentine- and two babies=one pregnancy has always sounded like a good deal tome!

Em said...

It probably is a good deal, although she did have a rough pregnancy.... she was in the hospital more than out of it between hyperemesis and then dialating about 3 months too early. Luckily she managed to carry them full term (on total bedrest) and all is now well!

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