Saturday, February 10, 2007

Downtown day

No time to write... but a few photos to share from a long, cold, fun, exhausting day.

Sir Oliver at the Constitution Center:
Just outside a graveyard, looking at Ben Franklin's um...would you call that a tombstone?
Sir O and I inside Independence Hall
Sir O and his daddy in the room where the constitution was signed.... only you can't tell because I zoomed in so much.
My SIL, nieces, Sir O and me outside Independence Hall. Yes, I know it's a funny looking hat, but DANG IT it's WARM!


samunwritten said...

I adore the hat! You look very cozy.

--jeff * said...

first and foremost, the picture of sir o on the $10 is arguably the best picture you have ever posted on your site. i love it.

as a runner up, your hat is fantastic; not to be hidden under a bushel, but displayed for all the world to see.

i commend you for being a cultured family and visiting a city of histoy.

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