Friday, February 09, 2007


We have company. Mr Renn's sister and her family are with us until Wednesday. We are suddenly a family of 8 in a two room apartment. There is no better way to make a two room apartment feel very small. BUT it is nice to be with family again, under any circumstances.

It is technically my first time having "company" at my own home. I've never lived far enough away from everyone to have someone come visit just me and stay overnight, let alone five persons (three of whom are of the miniature-under 7 yr sort) at once. The planning for food and cleaning and entertaining and baby proofing are enough to make my head spin, but spinning heads are no help, so I'll try to keep mine firmly screwed in place and muddle through without undue stress. Oh, and I'll try to remember to enjoy myself.

So pardon me if I disappear for a few days. I may not, but if I do you know where I am.

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pepper said...

Wow good luck. When we first moved here we had a family of 5 come stay (they had small children) and then we made some rules no more then 2 people at a time and no children. I hope it isn't too stressful for you...I'm sure The Cowboy and I are just a little too crazy and couldn't handle it well but you will probably be fine and I hope able to enjoy yourself.

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