Monday, April 23, 2007

Makeover Monday: straighten up

In the past 5 years I have acquired a horrific slump in my stance.
Between Mr Renn and myself we make quite the hunchbacked family.
Not only does this slouching look pretty sad, but it also contributes to neckaches and a general feeling of being sapped of all energy.
This week I will try to keep my shoulder's back, even if nobody is looking.


aLi said...

Yay for you, Em!!! At least you can recognize you have a slump. I'm still learning how to "remember" to stand up straight. When I do remember, WOW, it makes such a difference. For example: "holy cow, I can feel oxygen in my body!"
by the way, I love your ideas for EVERYTHING! (I check your blog very often to see what clever things you're saying/doing!)

Angela said...

I'm sitting taller already. Thanks for the reminder!

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