Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday, in the park

Yup, that's me slouching.
Perfect weather yesterday. Mr Renn spent a good chunk of his day helping other people move in and move out, and we were all largely pooped. But we did manage a little afternoon stroll in the park. Happily, Spring is finally peeking its head out, and there's popcorn popping on almost every tree.

Mr Renn was particularly proud of this fence-photo he took. I seem to favor the uber-tight shots, so you can tell I didn't take it.

Oh, and Sir Oliver has discovered pots and pans. Our downstairs neighbors may never forgive us. He is a first class noise-maker!

1 comment:

Brittany said...

I love all the pics, but you can tell Renn that I am very impressed with his fence picture. Very country-esque.

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