Thursday, May 10, 2007

A day in the life

Today I ....

Woke up painfully early after sleeping through the night. Well, either that or all the noise from every fan in the house kept my mom from hearing me when I woke up.
Tried standing on my own more in one day than I ever have previously.
Was rather accident prone, but mostly unrelated to the standing. I pinned my own finger underneath a pot lid, then tried to use that pot lid to push myself up against with the other hand (ouch!), I also slipped on a wood floor and gave myself a forehead bruise. Yeah, lookin' good.
Went right to sleep when my mom put me down for a nap.... twice.
Ate dirt
Ate soap
Tried to eat rocks
Grawed on a carrot until it disappeared. My mom thought I had eaten it, but really I just stored it in my hidden chipmunk cheek compartments, so that I could spit the little carrot pellets into mom's hair later.
Was rather wimpery and cuddly. This teething thing is rotten.


Chantele Sedgwick said...

Why do kids think it is fun to hold carrot pieces in their mouths to spit out later? Caden has done that more than once!!!

Deena said...

Sounds like Oliver had a very busy day. Hopefully you don't have any important pictures coming up soon with that forehead bruise. That always seems to happen.

aLi said...

Ohh, Em. My best wishes I send to you. Good luck through this teething thing. Hopefully it won't last much longer, eh?

hairyshoefairy said...

LOL. That pinning one finger down with something their pushing themselves up on thing just kills me. Peanut's done that so many times. It's always a sad experience.

Oh, and the need to taste everything (rocks, dirt, soap) makes me crazy.

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