Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Summer Day + a meme

Well, our humidity wave hit today. Suddenly it is Summer, despite the part where there is still a statistical danger of frost. I deserve a trophy for not allowing myself to consider turning on the A/C today. But who needs a trophy when you've got Rita's? A nice refreshing lemon water ice is the perfect way to reward one's self for surviving insane humid heat. (Although Mr Renn prefers mango - pish posh somebody needs to shave)

Also I was tagged by the hairy shoe fairy to share 7 things that you may not know about me. This is harder than it sounds, considering my broad and inconsistent readership of people who do and don't know me in real life.
So um, sorry if some of you already knew some of this.

1. I have a chronic runny nose. Between allergies and colds, my nose just gets this momentum going and forgets to take breaks. My parents would probably blame this on my over-use of those nose-drop thingies as a teenager. (Although maybe I was using them because I already had this problem....) It was just too embarassing to have to sniffle at school and I had a thing about blowing my nose in front of people. Um, after delivering a baby and experiencing what it feels like to not care who sees any part of me being gross, I am over that thing. So we go through a lot of tissues at my house.

2. (only about me indirectly and ancestrally...) Sir O is partly named after my Great Grandfather that I never met. He was a fireman and he was born in Dalton in Furness (sp?) England. I've been there, and I saw the church where he was christened and where his parents were married. Cool.

3. I have Hess eyebrows. No amount of time or energy devoted to them seems to make them manageable. And Oliver looks to have inherited them. Sad but true.

4. I am addicted to color, and cannot seem to find balance in my wardrobe or my home because I really struggle with the whole neutral basics fundamental background thing. The only neutral I have in abundance is black, which is rather un spring-and-summery don't you think?

5. I have a reputation for reading a lot, but to be perfectly honest my reading attention span has been dwindling since I turned 20. Now that I have mommy brain I seem to require either lots of pretty pictures or really arresting use of language to keep me hanging in there until the end.

6. I hate talking on the phone. Like it could probably be considered a phobia kind of hate. Even to people I like, or love. Hate hate hate it. Heart sinks when the phone rings. Heart implodes when I have to make a phone call. But I sure do love mail!

7. I have not worn a watch since I was 4 months pregnant with Oliver and my watch started hurting my wrist. Haven't really missed it.


Deena said...

I took my watch off at 4 months prego too. Who needs it anyway? It's not like time means anything to a baby...not even 3am.

Unknown said...

Fun! Sorry but I am the Queen of Noseblowing. Seriously. I have a tissue box in everyroom and have had two surgeries on it.My nose, not the boxes.

Brittany said...

I hear you about nose blowing in public. Still can't do it, and I HATE when people do it in makes me gag. Lots of those things were things I never knew about you! Thanks HSF!

hairyshoefairy said...

I liked your 7. Also, I'm really sad because there are no Rita's by me at all. They sound really good and I think I must try one. Perhaps I need to take a trip to a state that has one.

tracy m said...

Oh, Em, now I understand how diffucult that phone call was for you to make!! I shall write you letters from now on-- as I was feelig very guilty for not calling you back yet, I am releived to know that the sound of your phone not ringing is a happy thing to you! :)

The Rita's have me positively drooling... Bah on mango. Everyone knows lemon-anything is superior to all other flavors!

em said...

I have to respectfully disagree about the mango Rita's. My favorite is a mango/raspberry gelati. I think few people realize the benefits to getting 2 flavors-- you get twice the Rita's for the same price; you can eat the top flavor with the top custard and the bottom flavor with the bottom custard; you don't have a chance to get bored with the same flavor the whole way through; you can have raspberry AND mango--the 2 best Rita's flavors ever! :)

pepper said...

I have the phone phobia as well it's really sad. Rita's sounds good it's so super hot right now I'm missing cool san francisco

Angela said...

We call it phone anxiety and our house and I have a form of it too!

Cory Dee said...

RITA'S!!! I love Rita's frozen custard. I haven't had that in years. We hope all is well with you family.

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