Sunday, June 24, 2007

5 favorite Friday (makeup): easy peasy summer treats

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Sorry, Friday slipped through my fingers.

We've already established that I have a massive sweet tooth. I do like to bake, and attempt to make tricksy/impressive things (usually with chocolate). But I'm also perfectly happy to pull a fast one and make something super easy, that still has a little panache.

Lemonade Pie:

So easy! Can of lemonade concentrate, 1/2 tub of coolwhip, 1/2 carton of softened vanilla ice cream. Mix with beaters and dump in a graham cracker crust, then freeze. If you want to make it look like it was hard to make, just sprinkly some lemon zest on top.

Sandra Lee ice cream sandwiches:

smush a scoop of ice cream between two cookies, then roll the exposed ice-cream parts in sprinkles. Cover in wax paper and freeze until hard(er).

Ice cream terrine (noticing a pattern?):

Line a bread pan with wax paper. Fill 1/3 full with raspberry sherbet, and smush it down, add some raspberry sorbet and smash down to a thin layer on top of that, then fill the rest of the way with smushed lime sherbet and freeze until hard. (store bread pan in freezer in between layers for best results) Invert on a cold plate and slice to serve. Obviously you can substitute any ice cream flavor!

Bubbly Lemonade: Substitute seltzer water for plain water when making lemonade from concentrate. A few frozen berries or lime slices thrown in for prettiness-sake.

Ice cream cake: split a cake mix between two 8 or 9 inch rounds. (And bake according to directions). Cut the top of both cake pieces so they are even and flat. Dump about 3 cups worth of ice cream on top of one cake and smear it around until even, then top with second cake piece, inverted. Freeze for 45 min, then frost with flavored/colored whipped cream. Sprinkles are nice too.

Happy summer


samunwritten said...

Mmmm...those are sounding divine right now.
I just might be making myself some lemonade pie tonight.

hairyshoefairy said...

Oh, yum!

Brittany said...

You guys sure can pack lots in in one day! I loved all your pics. I haven't seen your sis since she was about 4 running around with curlers in her hair chasing Skittles? was it? So fun! And your hair has already gotten so long!

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