Saturday, June 23, 2007

Center City

We took my little sister downtown today to "see the sights". The part of Philadelphia proper that is tourist-friendly is actually quite small.
We scored some cheap ($7) parking, got tickets to see Independence Hall, saw Benjamin Franklin's grave (from outside the graveyard...they charge admission),
bought lunch at the Reading Terminal Market, We ate our lunch at Franklin Square which is beautiful today. They had a special sand-sculpture exhibit that got Mr Renn all excited. Then Renn and my sister saw the Liberty Bell (I sat out on that one, it's a royal pain to get a stroller through security). After that we did our Independence Hall tour (it's an abbreviated tour in the summer, because it's so busy I guess. In the winter you get to go upstairs), paid our respects at Washington Square, and then stopped by Franklin Court where Oliver absolutely loved the telephone stations (you dial up and listen to quotes from Franklin's famous contemporaries).
It was the PERFECT day for it. 70-ish degrees and only 25% humidity. Delightful to be outside. Mr Renn's face looks rather like a radish now because he turned down my offer for sunscreen before we left, but he is the only casualty.
Now we have safely crashed at home, eaten dinner, put Oliver to bed, and my sister is anxiously waiting in the other room to show me a scene in The Princess Bride where Mandy Patinkin has a stand-in cardboard cut-out. And a peach pie is in-progress. Great Day.


Chantele Sedgwick said...

I hope you and your cute sister are having fun! I will see those sights someday! Sir O is getting so big! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow?

tracy m said...

Sounds like the absolute perfect day... wow, you really packed a lot in!

Oh, and you look adorable with your hair like that- really, really like it!

samunwritten said...

I remember seeing the sights of Philly and I enjoyed them a lot. It looks like you had a fun time as well.
Cardboard cut out?? You must share.

Em said...

It's the scene where Buttercup is kidnapped. You'll notice he doesn't move and looks peculiarly 2-dimensional.

Angela said...

Your hair is growing, it's cute! Your sister is cute too.

I miss Philly! Okay, maybe not Broad Street, but I miss so much about Pennsylvania. And to think I didn't want to live there when we first started dental school!

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