Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Beaches and other yummy things

Spent a long happy day in New Jersey.....

First the beach at Wildwood.

Oliver wanted nothing more than to run headfirst into the water,

and he thinks that sand is the yummiest thing ever.

And my sister found this cool shell, it's about 500x bigger than any other shell we saw all day:
Then we checked out Cape May and saw the famous lighthouse there. Renn and I once watched a documentary series on American Lighthouses, and now we want to see them all. Have I mentioned how nerdy we are?

It will take me months to get rid of all this sand.

And Renn and I have some gnarly looking sunburns. (The kiddies are fine)


samunwritten said...

I love the sunscreen design.

hairyshoefairy said...

ROFL!! Ah, the joys of beach time. Peanut likes it dry, I think. I love how Sir O slaps the water. What a cutie!

Katie May said...

oh man! I laughed so hard when I saw Renn's sunburn! Hope it's not hurting too much today. Looked like a fun day, all in all.

Leith said...

Your child is seriously adorable. You breed really well.

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