Thursday, June 28, 2007

Divide and Conquer

Mr Renn left us for the day and had a boys' day out yesterday. He and our friend G went to the Washington D.C. LDS temple and then to Maryland. They saw a baseball game in Camden Yards.... apparently this is a big deal if you are a ball-field junkie.

Meanwhile I nursed my sunburned self back home, then we made the obligatory trip to Valley Forge. Sir Oliver was a holy terror through the visitor center movie. Didn't make any new friends there. Here's my posse: And here's the only-slightly-vandalized interior of a Valley Forge-esque soldier's hut. Yeah, I bet it was squishy for 12 grown men.

We were up most of the night last night with random medical emergencies. Today promises to be rather long.


aLi said...

How fun for you to get to see the historical sites. I am envious! How serious were the medical emergencies???? You can't leave us hanging! ;)

Leith said...

Emily, Are you okay? Do we need to send a contingency out to help you?

I didn't realize you were living in such a historically rich area. Nice.

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