Sunday, July 29, 2007

Beautiful Sunday

Not exactly this.

Survival is the name of the game at this point in the "vacation". A month is really just too long to go without your own home and your own stuff and your own routine. Especially if you are only 1 year old.
So you'd think that we'd have seen everyone we wanted to see and have our "to do" list under control with only 1 day left to go, right? No?

Yeah, I guess you know me pretty well.

We went to church with our parents this morning, then went to the church we attended when we still lived in Kaysville. That many hours of church made for a super-ornery Oliver.

After we all collapsed and Mr Renn finished watching Gettysburg (he's gearing up for a visit once we get back to PA), we headed over to Jake and Kori's for an awesome dinner. Smoked chicken and potatoes, quiche,! Too bad we overbooked ourselves, because no sooner had we sat down to eat than we had to get ready to leave. My family was getting together for pictures. My 18yr brother might be on an LDS mission by the time Mr Renn and I come back for Christmas (then my 16yr brother right after), so this is potentially the last chance for a family photo for the next 4 years. Sir Oliver was not particularly agreeable to the situation. He wanted to have more yummy cornbread!
And did we mention that his middle name is "Fabio"?
A few fun moments I caught on my camera from our photo shoot. Sam, my cousin extraordinaire, took the real photos, and hopefully one will be available for your viewing pleasure soon!


Brittany said...

Even when Sir O is grumpy, he still has the cutest face! Sounds like lots of craziness, you'll need another vacation just to recover from this one!

Kori said...

So glad you guys could squeeze us in and thanks so much for the YouTube help. Best of luck on your journey home...I will be praying for you!

Deena said...

LOVE the Fabio shot. I think Glitter would like a copy of that for her room. She would probably like to put it on the wall over her crib.

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