Monday, July 30, 2007

That's a Wrap

Well, we are finally finishing.

What a crazy mammoth vacation that was! It was mostly marvelous, and also largely exhausting. We managed to see a whole gaggle of our favorite people, spend lots of quality time with family, watch Oliver get spoiled to his heart's content...good times!

Today we mad-dashed it all over the place. I got in a visit with my old Roommate Megan and her twins. (remember them?) What a great time that was, although it was also a stark reminder that I am getting older. We are neither of us quite the spring chickens we were 7 years ago. (Still summer chickens though, I'd wager) And the new college freshmen look so young to us!

We also managed to tuck in a few other visits and "drive-by's"
I miss living where there are so so many people that care about me.
(Not that there aren't people that care about me in PA, just not nearly as many)

But, all that aside, I am ready to be home. It's the getting there that scares me.
Me+Renn+Oliver+8hours on planes+1layover+teething = my worst nightmare.

Pray for us.

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