Wednesday, July 11, 2007

on our toes

Still lots and lots filling our days. We spent a mighty chunk of today painting my aunt's kitchen. Hopefully we'll finish tomorrow, and I'll post a nice after photo (and kick myself for not taking a before photo...per usual)
I'm finding I can't keep up. We've been so many places and seen so many people. Brace yourself for a manic, inadequate attempt.

Oliver's Cousin Kason in a NY shirt that Renn bought for him

Sir O at a family get-together with my dad's family. He definitely prefered the bucket over the toys stored in it.Sir O and Conrad.... happy we caught him before his big move!
We visited our friends Stan, Jill and Ryan tonight. Had a great time hanging out in their {not so} hot tub, and they even had an early birthday present for Oliver!

Oh, and the black eye {it could be far worse...but it definitely is}:


aLi said...

Good luck with the REST of the trip! Hopefully it will slow down a little when people get tired of seeing you (j/k) :).
Poor Oliver. I'm sure the black eye hasn't slowed him down, though, eh?

Ginnie said...

Hurry and and get done there so you can come home. The weevels are feeling lonely and we are too!

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