Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Family History....I am doing it!

Running, running..... Sir O has his first all-out black eye. Inevitable.
I'm working on a family history video project for Mr Renn's family and it's been really fun to get to know the family that I married into in just that way.

At the same time it's a funny feeling getting acquainted with dead people that I never met. But there are plenty of "live" people I'm learning about too.
Here's Mr Renn's dad..... long long time ago:
And Mr Renn's grandparents, we'll be visiting them soon! (And I daresay they've changed a bit)


Deena said...

Ouch. I'm sure you got pictures of the black eye. Are you planning on sharing? I didn't put up the one of Glitter with a big fat bruised nose because I was scared that somehow, someone who could take my baby away would see it. I overthink things. A lot.

I love that highchair picture. Babies don't change much.

aLi said...

oh no! I'm sorry to hear about Sir O. Is it from where I think it happened?? If so, darn that coffee table. BTW, we really enjoyed y'alls company the other night. Josh and I talked about it the next day, how enjoyable it was to talk with you guys and see you again! Oh, and you are looking terrific!!! I need to get on your starving dental student diet. ;)

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