Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Still making sense of all the fog that has been the last month.
Went to Valley Forge today with my in-laws.
I've been there lots, but usually off-season. So today I learned quite a few new things.

And here's what impressed me. During the whole Revolutionary War, there were a lot of people given unenviable jobs. A lot of those people decided to slack-off, and the results were usually fatal for somebody. Johann Rall for one, and a lot of the guys given the seemingly non-glorious job of providing supplies at Valley Forge. Then you have a few people who were given equally undesirable/difficult/monotonous jobs who "magnified their callings" if you will, and are still revered for it. (ie. Von Steuben who had the huge and un-fun job of teaching continental militia soldiers how to march and retreat properly whilst they were all sick, cold, and starving.)
So apparently my attitude should matter more than my particular set of circumstances. Darn.
At least I have something to work on! Make the mundane glorious! Do your best even when it doesn't seem to make any difference. Things like that.
I also learned that Cato was George Washington's hero. And that Washington arranged a play about Cato to be performed for the soldiers at Valley Forge as a reward, even though at the time
Congress had banned plays for whatever reason. Apparently they were inspired, because they never lost another battle afterward. (so I was told anyway). Lots to learn, people.

Also, Mr Renn with his brother, modeling the "I heart" tee from our favorite Amish spot. Those of you who thought they were so funny, I did find the website of the company that makes them, you can buy them here. If you are so inclined. And to quote Sam the Eagle, "You are all wierdos"
And I am on a Wikipedia kick, aren't I?


Deena said...

I love that picture of Oliver. He looks so thoughtful. I heart...hehehe Why will that always be a little bit funny? (I'm so grown up.)

tracy m said...

So when do you get to just stay home for the day?? :)

Ginnie said...

Who is that hunk of love sporting the Mcdonalds shirt? He must work out.
You are one lucky woman em.

aLi said...

Em, I love your blog! I love that you refer to wikipedia all the time because, well, ... often times I need to read up on whatever it is you're referring to! Interesting stuff you post here, Em.

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