Friday, August 24, 2007

not this day

Yeah, yeah.
I'm going to eventually have a day when I take naps and clean my house and can find a pair of matching socks.

But today was not the day (again)
Today we did the Amish thing.

First the Shady Maple (of course), then Dutch Haven, then Kitchen Kettle Village (in Intercourse....of course).

Oliver...showing us what a cutie he'd be were he Amish.

Meeting some sheep.

And LOVING a playground slide.

What a happy kid.

As we were approaching Kitchen Kettle Village, an older gentleman grumbled to us "it's a tourist trap!". And I had to laugh. Most of Amish country is a tourist trap of one sort or another. It's how the Amish can afford to live. What do you expect?

1 comment:

Deena said...

Seriously. Could Oliver BE any cuter?

(I don't think so.)

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