Thursday, August 16, 2007

going native, or not

In my travels this summer, or rather in reporting them, I'm learning something about myself.
(That's always nice, right?)
To me, travel is all about people. People are what draw me to a place. (Example, I didn't go to Boston to see Boston, I went to see Ari)
And the places I find I am drawn to....usually I find it has something to do with getting to know people (even if they are long dead or fictional) better.
And that is what makes my wanderlust light up.
I would rather go somewhere less obvious and get a chance to visit with people I care about and whose company is a treat, than say go on an exotic cruise. (Not to say I'm against cruises.... they aren't by any means taking a remote second).
I've just been amused that I've had to specify that I went to Boston to visit a friend, but when we tell people we are going to Detroit, they look at us funny and then ask if we know someone there. Detroit is no tourist attraction. (Nobody who has done this is to feel bad about it, we've gotten the same response from everyone)
And yet to me the trips are very similar.
And now I know that about myself.

1 comment:

Leith said...

Don't you just love figuring out things about yourself. I love suddenly finding something out about myself that has eluded me till now.

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