Sunday, September 30, 2007


Thanks for the nice-ness everybody. I didn't mean to complain about motherhood. It's just that sometimes I feel like I should be accomplishing a whole lot more in addition to.... you know?
Got to have a nice long real-life visit with my old/new friend Martha and I feel very much put in my place. God knows what He is doing, and I need to give Him more credit for it.

How many times do you think I'm going to have to learn that one?

Here is my delightful perfect-for-me family today.


hairyshoefairy said...

Sweet family picture! And I love your dress.

aLi said...

Em, you look super hot in that dress! What a super-sweet delightful family you have!

(does hearing this help with adding to your "you are great" need?)

Melissa said...

Great family picture! I lurk here alot as you know, and I made something for your blog- a new header. If you dont want to use it is OK. You can download it at 4shared and I will delete it after you have downloaded it.

Vanessa and Rebecca said...

So cute!!

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