Sunday, October 21, 2007

Birthday Adventures of Mr Renn

I went fishing out of Belmar NJ yesterday with the Elders Quorum (group of men from church). It was my birthday present to myself.

Twas a beautiful day for a fishing trip. Had rained the night before, the seas weren't perfectly calm, (limited the amount of boats out I am sure), but it was crisp and sunny.

Forty four guys on a boat fishing. Here are a few poles not being used because of some "sea sickness" that afflicted a few. It was quite crazy though with 30+ lines in the water with hook and bait, and when someone got a fish on, the fish would swim through half a dozen lines and we would "co-catch" the fish. There were several fish that came up from the deep with more than just one hook in its mouth, but another in its eye, or side and had wrapped up in several more fishing lines.

So needless to say I spent almost half of the time tieing a new hook and and re-baiting after my line would get cut after some hauled a fish in. But it sure was a fun time. I loved it. And still managed to catch 4 or 5 fish.

Here is one half 50 gallon drum, and we filled three of these with blue and sea bass.

This is my dentist, to prove how long the fish we were catching actually were. What a nice day. I was so glad that I didn't get sick, and I really felt sorry for those that did. It is not fun to be experiencing emesis for 6 hours straight.
Today was my "real birthday" Here is Sir O being wiggly in a picture of my birthday loot. (Thanks for the presents everyone!)

My yummy birthday treats, including one incredible carrot cake (my favorite)

And I enjoyed a nice late-night shin-dig party with a bunch of my favorite people. I'm so lucky to have these friends and neighbors (and I'm sad to think how soon some of them will stop neighboring me). It sure makes you feel special when people show up just for you.

Happy Birthday to me. In case you can't tell, I didn't want to blow out the candles because I have a cold and didn't want to blow on the cake.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Renn! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. The boat looked fun, I am so jealous of the cool things that you and Emily are doing (except the dental school thing).

aLi said...

That's lame that you "couldn't" blow out your candles! How thoughtful of you to think about other people and the idea that you might spread your cold by blowing on candles 3 feet above the actual cake! (lol, those are cool candles, I've never seen anything like them! Well, except maybe regular candles). :) Happy belated birthday!

Katie May said...

Happy Birthday, Renn! I hope you're feeling better soon!

em said...

The bday song sounded much more spirited in person, I thought! :) But I didn't catch the harmony until watching the video...nice work!

Ginnie said...

I'm so sad I missed out on the birthday celebrations...especially sad I missed out on emily's desserts....oh ya, and shady maple (so cruel for you to go there while I was away)

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