Monday, October 22, 2007

Some tagged-ness

Playing catch up

First Ali's 5 senses tag.

1. Favorite smell: The first fresh cut grass in the spring.... or a clean baby.

2. Favorite sight: my home when it's clean, (especially when it's been cleaned by someone else)... with my boys in it.

3. Favorite taste: dessert, I have a massive sweet tooth.

4. Favorite sound: when Mr Renn gets Sir O to laugh hysterically.

5. Favorite touch: When Sir O grabs my neck with his little baby hands.

Then Nestle's 7 things tag.

7 things you didn't know about me. Seriously, haven't I already shared too much?

1. I can scream/yell really loud. My downstairs neighbors found this out last night when Sir O crawled up on the kitchen table and got into the peanutbutter bars. (While I thought Mr Renn was watching him) I was actually chosen to perform off-stage screams quite a bit in high school theatre productions. It was the only time I didn't get yelled at for "I can't hear you!" in the post-rehearsal notes. Usually I'm so quiet that nobody suspects I'm capable of making loud noises.

2. I have to sleep with 2 pillows at night. One to put under my head, and one against the headboard so I can pin my arms under it.... I just seem to sleep better with my arms above my head. Wierd.

3. I mentioned before my last hiatus that I'd seen a lady have a breakdown at the bank. Her son had just died. At the time I didn't know what to do, and I just stood there with my mouth open and then left because I was uncomfortable and Oliver was wiggling. I have since seen that lady in the grocery store parking lot... but couldn't run over to her because Oliver was sleeping in his carseat (Mr Renn had run into the store and I was waiting in the car with Oliver.. and didn't dare leave him). I now keep my eye out for her everywhere I go.... I need to give her a hug or something!

4. I check the mail religiously. It is sometimes the only time I make it outside of the apartment all day. (Since we have secure boxes, a lot of people here only check their mail a few times a week).

5. Sir O got 3 shots today, and it was the first time at the pediatrician's office that he remembered how much and why he dislikes it there. It was a hard time to be the mom, when he knew a shot was coming and turned to me to save him, and I had to hold him still. Sniff. (Okay, so that one's not really so much about me.....)

6. My memory has officially turned into jello. It took me 4 hours the other day to remember Marlene Dietrich's name. Remind me what was the value in going to college and learning cool stuff and getting a degree if I can't remember anything I learned?

7. My little schnoz is very sensitive to cigarette smoke and to car fumes. So naturally I share a stairwell with a smoker who likes to idle his motorcycle right below our bedroom windows...... and I can't wait to be done renting!


hairyshoefairy said...

This is just so funny. Sometimes the only time we make it out of the apartment is to get the mail, too. And we get it every single day. And we just had the remembering-what-happens-at-the-Dr.'s-office experience last week. It really sucked. Poor little kids. Shots are no fun.

Also, that is awesome about getting to be the off-stage screamer.

Deena said...

I was going to copy your 5 senses tag, but then I realized I really would have copied some of it. Ditto to three and four (different people same thing).

Oh, and I sleep with my arms over my head too.

Brittany said...

I hear you about the renting thing and smells, especially the smoke. The smells from burnt food (or whatever they are smoking downstairs) combined with morning-sickness = no fun!

aLi said...

You can yell?!?!? ...really loud, too?!?! I never would've guessed. Thanks for doing my tag!!!

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