Tuesday, November 13, 2007

in the other room

Just to show I have no dignity left.... here's a noonish picture sent to Mr Renn ..... and I'm fresh out of the shower.
It seems the only way for me to be "ready" before noon would be to wake up with Mr Renn at 6. Somehow that just doesn't feel like an option to this insomniac.
In lighter news... I taught a dinner etiquette class for the youth at our church tonight. Surprisingly fun. Mr Renn says I behaved myself convincingly like a college professor. That is my secret selfish goal, you know. Someday, hopefully/maybe. How do you answer a question like, "so why do people want to bother with all these rules?"
Um, because it's kind of fun to eat properly. Just like it's kind of fun to dress up. And making a good first impression never hurts. But honestly, I failed to come up with an answer that "worked" for a room full of teenagers. Nevertheless, I had them all eating spaghetti with spoons! (Or at least trying).
I'm pretty sure I'll have formal dinners once I have a home with room for them. I'm a sucker for things like that. (Not saying that they'll go smoothly, but I'll try anyway).
What is something that you love with abandon, but couldn't exactly convince a room of teenagers to love along with you?


wjh said...


hairyshoefairy said...

That is so much fun! I love doing things like that. Sorry the teens weren't as into it. When we become real-live grown-ups and live by each other we'll have formal dining parties of our own, okay?

Anonymous said...

It would be a good idea to get up at 6:00 and get it done. Then you have some time to relax later. You'll be ready and you can even get some housework done! Although you have to be a night AND morning person for something like that to work. I guess you do what's best for you.
As for formal dinners, you will get to them someday, never fear.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I don't know about teaching teenagers something I like to do, but there are a ton of teenagers out there that have no respect for adults. I don't remember it being this bad when I was a teenager. I was always respectful to people older than me. There are still good ones out there, but the majority is going downhill.

aLi said...

Waking up early. No teenager likes the thought of that. Oh, ha ha, and neither do I!
However, I fondly remember my dinner etiquette class from my YW activity.

Angela said...

There's nothing selfish about having future goals and ambitions for yourself!

I think the only thing I have passionately tried to teach teenagers is how valuable and infintely worthwhile they are. I have tried to convince them they are children of God and loved beyond measure. But, I'm never sure they feel it with as much fervor as I express it with. Of course, you never know.

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