Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My home in the dark fog: or how daylight savings ruined November in PA

In a very short time it got very dark here.
Now I know why the Northeast has such an unfriendly reputation. Weather like this would make anybody unfriendly.
I feel like I live in a foggy swamp where the sun never shines.
It has certainly sapped all the go-getter-ness out of me.
Well, that plus the part where Sir O has started talking in his sleep. That many more times a night I wake up, get out of bed.....
Can I blame that on too little sunshine?

I think it was this time last year I had to head to the library and read some LM Montgomery to light a fire under my domestic tush. Any recommendations for a book that makes an intelligent heroine into a cozy mother/homemaker?

My bathroom hasn't been scrubbed in over a month. And if you know how fast things "grow" in bathrooms around here, you know I'm in trouble.

I'm moody, unmotivated, irrational, and I blame it all on the weather. (Did I mention irrational?)


Lacey said...

ems, i can't read your post, your little music thing is covering it up, and i am too dumb to know how to get around it.

Deena said...

I find myself in a funk like that this time of year too. The worst thing I can do is sit on the couch all day. Sorry I don't have anything inspirational.

Angela said...

I am not a fan of standard time. Why can't it stay daylight savings all year round? Who doesn't like sunlight later into the evening? Good luck enduring and breaking out of your fog. If anyone can do it, you can!

By the way, I am enjoying your music. Sometimes I open your blog and listen while I do my dishes. Rob likes to make fun of me for using my friend's blogs for my radio. But hey, how else can I get to listen to such diverse and interesting music? Everyone has such different but fun tastes in music.

Carry on good sister!

hairyshoefairy said...

Ugh! The time change always sucks.

I'd maybe recommend Little Women. The middle section when Meg is newly married. Though you certainly can't go wrong with good old Anne with an "e". Love her.

So funny that Sir O talks in his sleep. Does he say anything interesting? My friends little girl talks in her sleep and the other night it was "bock, bock, bock." You know, what a chicken says.

Katie May said...

Ick, I was feeling the same thing over here! It's always rainy and dark and cold! If you ever do find a solution, pass it on because this PA nastiness has caught me too.

aLi said...

hee hee, I can't help but laugh at you, Em. I mean, laugh with you, because I know you're slightly chuckling about your bathroom not being cleaned in a month. I'm laughing with you because, well, I'm in the same boat. I have 1 1/2 bathrooms to clean and I always only seem to clean the 1/2 one. I don't have any advice, just good old team spirit. Yay for cleaning the bathroom only once a month!
Good luck getting more sleep.

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