Monday, November 19, 2007

The Sir

Loves squirrells and rabbits ("ta-oh" and "a-iht") And will watch one outside for a very quiet 10 minutes.

Is for some reason much more prone to falling down when falling down means getting covered in mud.

Squeals like a little pig when he doesn't get what his heart is set on.

Will cling to you like mad until you pick him up, then adamantly point where he wants to be taken.

Can climb stairs faster than I can, but is still afraid to crawl back down them.

Says "uh-oh" about 40,000 times a day. Half of these are in correspondance with dropping his food or sippy cup on the floor during mealtime. (Yes, on purpose... I think he just likes to hear himself say "uh-oh" and thinks he needs an excuse to say it) Yeah, my kitchen floor is a mess all the time. Even with me mopping once a day.

(note the mud on his pants)

growing up!


Deena said...

He is such a handsome little man!

Kori said...

I gave up with the daily mopping long ago--doesn't mean my floor doesn't need it, though. Glad to know I'm not alone. And, the mud--it must be a boy thing 'cause Grant is the same way!

Vanessa and Rebecca said...

LOVE little boys. He is so adorable!

hairyshoefairy said...

That "uh-oh" thing rings a bell. :)

What a grown-up boy you have. I think the mud means he's a little boy now and not a baby anymore.

Katie May said...

Thanks for sharing. He seems like he's such a sweet and busy boy. Does it seem just a little sad to realize that he's not a baby anymore? I'm feeling that way lately and even though it's exciting to see their personalities more every day, it's strangely a little sad to see them get older as each day passes.

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