Thursday, January 24, 2008

A day with Sir O

SOMEBODY gets a wee bit overbearing in the aftermath of 18 month shots.

No matter how many times I took it away from him, he insisted on finding and chewing through the rind of this lemon today. I can make no sense of it.
I call it "Bedhead with Lemon"

Feeding Sir O has been a bit of a challenge the last month. I never did get my good eater back. And since his weight plateaued since the last doctor's visit I have 1 month to fatten him up and take him back so they will stop worrying about him. Too bad he's still on a hunger strike. Here's his 3 course lunch of Pretzel sticks, cheese, and blackberries (plus an unseen yogurt and lots and lots of whole grain goldfish). I got lucky today and only 40% of it got demoted to the floor. Lately he won't eat anything he can't feed himself. Heaven help me.

But between tantrums he's occasionally a wee bit cuddly. And he laughs a lot. I LOVE to hear him laugh. Keeps me happy and sane. Especially through a pathetic, gray, energy-sucking Pennsylvania winter. These shots that look all midnightish were taken more like noon-ish.
The Sun WILL come out..... someday..... in about 2 months.


Anonymous said...

Hey Em, Beanie is the worst kind of picky eater, and some days he will go all day without eating anything. It's horrible- until we started making him Super Beanie Shakes.

At the health food store, we bough him some high quality ballance meal powder, and we came home and I made a label on the computer to cover the actual label. The label has superman, a rocket buzz lightyear and all kinds of things Bean likes- and we wrote SUPER BEANIE shake on it-

It's special, just for him, and no one else gets any. Now, if he refuses food, he has to have a shake. The pediatrician said this was fine, and hes getting quality nutrients now.

It's releif to me, because now I don't worry so much about what he's eating, and everyone is happier. Just a thought...

Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

I hear ya. I’m ready for the sunshine too! Ohio is very gloomy during the winters. Oliver has such beautiful eyes!

pepper said...

I love these photo's that bed-hair is the best ever! Ahhh he is so super cute.

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