Sunday, March 09, 2008


Wow - didn't mean to take a break there, but sometimes life gets going and I have nothing to report but my musings, and can't seem to get my brain cleared out long enough to form my musings into coherent thoughts. I have been thinking a lot lately. (Reading a fair amount too) It's been nice.

Our neighbor Jenna just (unexpectedly) had her baby 2 1/2 weeks early.(Jenna and her insanely long eyelashes)

I've been rushing around like a bossy mamma bear trying to make things all perfect for them despite all the unexpectedness. I'm not my favorite version of myself when I'm bossy. But in my head I couldn't help thinking that bringing your baby home to a clean, calm house is important for a mom's sanity. And that's hard to do when your water breaks in the middle of the night and you rush to the hospital, leaving behind a long list of things you thought you still had time to do.

(me in the middle, being bossy)

I can't decide whether situations like this bring out the best or the worst in me. On the bright side, they give be a terrific sense of purpose and productivity. On the down side I behave like a woman obsessed and irrational. I guess I have to fall back on the most common phrase in my 25+ years of journaling and say "at least I have/had good intentions." Sometimes that is all that can be said for me.


Angela said...

Congratulations to them! Being due in 2 weeks myself I would certainly appreciate someone seeing to all those details. I'm hoping I still get another week to tie up all my loose ends.

Deena said...

What a fabulous friend you are! I wish I had a neighbor like you when I had my baby.

Jenna said...

This is Greg. It's good to have friends like you who are always looking to help. Thanks for always being there for us. You made this whole experience a lot easier for us.

Vanessa and Rebecca said...

having a clean home after having a baby is definitely the good side coming out in you. definitely.

Jenna said...

I just got around to reading your blog since I got home! Thank you so much for being my "moma bear" you'll never know how much greg and I needed it! You're a great friend and I'm so lucky to have met you!!!

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