Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DC day

(Mr Renn and Sir O look really happy about the Korean War memorial)

(mom, that guy up there hasn't moved in like 5 minutes.....he's starting to scare me)

(get me out of this thing!)

(me from best angle?)

We probably walked 5 miles today. And really, that is not so much. But considering that Mr Renn and I are both in the throes of sedentary winter lifestyles, that's well over 10 times what we are used to. (See more photos here)

So combining how tired that made us with how wired Sir O is after spending all day in either his stroller or carseat...... makes for some low-profile parenting this evening while he tears around in hyper glee.

(one brief moment of freedom for Sir O today)

Do I dare stick him in his carseat again for 6 hours tomorrow? Poor kid.


Deena said...

Good luck with trip two tomorrow. I hope you've got some good mom tricks up your sleeve. Or ear plugs.

Vanessa and Rebecca said...

You're in DC!!!! Odd how you are right here. Let me know if you need anything for your road trip. We'd love to have you!!!!

Lacey said...

oh i loved my one trip to DC, it really is awesome, all the history and art, it is great. i don't blame you for being scared of putting your babe in the car seat for six hours, hopefully he falls asleep.

Anonymous said...

Yay for DC! And that is a loooong way to walk all around the mall, through museums, and to monuments.

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