Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eve-ing

Well, Sir O hasn't exactly perked up, but we decided to decorate our Easter eggs anyway. I had read a cool article (& links) about naturally dyed eggs that I really wanted to try, but we resorted to the box of marbelizing dye that I found stashed and smashed on the bottom of our Easter decoration tote. I probably bought it on clearance after Easter last year. Yeah, I do that sort of thing.

Notes to self:

  • Even hard-boiled eggs crack if you drop them

  • When your dying method requires you to hold the egg and roll it in your hand, it is best not to pull your eggs out of the scalding water just moments before you begin

  • Try not to get halfway through dying and realize you have to boil another 4 eggs

Still, it made us feel like stalwart Easter celebrators! Now we just have to somehow get Sir O to "listen" to us read the Easter story in the New Testament tonight (Probably while he plays with his noisy battery-operated trucks and pitches a fit), then hide each others' baskets. I'm on a mini-candy strike this year, so most of our basket contents are going to be inedible or at least sugar-free. We'll see how that goes over. Wish me luck!


Brittany said...

Wow, those eggs look great! I saw someone do the natural dye technique and the eggs look so pretty, but it requires so much time. I am a fan of the quick and easy store kits myself.

Anonymous said...

Those turned out so pretty!

I've done the natural egg dying this before and they turn out absolutely beautiful. We used red onions and parsley leaves. My friend arranged it for Boys and Girls club when I worked there. She said it's how they did it in Russia. I'd forgotten all about it until you linked to it. I'm definitely going to try it again now that I've remembered.

Kori said...

Lots of hassle and mess but, still a worth while easter tradition. It just wouldn't be easter without the boiled eggs--even the broken-while-boiling ones, the cracked-by-Grant ones, and the frozen-by-Jake ones. Ya gotta love it! Glad you had some easter fun!

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