Friday, March 28, 2008

some grrrs

I've been slightly inundated lately with anti-mommy-blogging material.
Can't tell you how angry it makes me.
So many of the {angry and ornery} comments people make, such as "Why should I care whether your kids are potty trained or not....mindless drivel..... waste of time...." makes me feel ill.
The saddest part for me is that many of these highly charged comments are coming from other parents.
To me this is the culmination of the devaluation of motherhood and the divine role of women. When we are telling each other that the stuff our lives are made of are not worth being shared with each other..... we are saying that the daily grind of motherhood has no value whatsoever. This makes me oh so sad, because I'm quite convinced that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. And there's no more extraordinary heap of small and simple things than mothering.
And I think sharing it is wonderful.
the end.


Katie May said...

OH Emily, you brightened up this tired mom's day! I think I had a similar day to yours with a little grumpy girl and I feel better seeing that you think it's worth it, and worth sharing. I think woman need to buoy each other and uplift each other because as you said, it's a "divine" role that we play. Thanks!

Ashley said...

Perfectly said... I second that!

Deena said...

Wow. If it really bothers them that much, why do they take the time to read it? They could find many other "way more important" things to read somewhere else. But nothing is as important as raising well-adjusted, kind-hearted human beings.

Anonymous said...

Em- You know I think you are just fabulous, and if it weren't for sharing the heaps of small things that make up our days, we wouldn't even know each other. You keep writing, finding solace and sister-hood with the rest of us in the same, sometimes far-away, boat.

Anonymous said...

These people should get a life.

If you or I or the other people we read didn't share the little happy/sad/annoying/frustrating/joyful things about motherhood I would feel very alone and misunderstood. What better way to promote friendship and understanding than to know we're going through the same things and can relate.

I'm sorry you're being bombarded by this garbage right now. I don't think you should change a thing. It isn't about "them" anyway.

aLi said...

Thanks Em! I was feeling like this job of motherhood is very thank-less, so I've been on strike today. Let's just say home-life isn't as happy today. :(

You are truly an inspiration to this mommy!

The Libutti Family said...

I agree with glittersmama... if you don't like it, why read it?
I, as you know, am a great fan of yours and other blogging mommies.
And, sometimes, other people are having a harder time with their toddlers and it makes me feel just a wee bit better about my own. :)

pepper said...


The Perry family said...

I am just catching up on a little blogging and must say that I really appreciate this blog and it's probably one of my favorite posts ever! I've been reading "Eve and the choice made in Eden", again, and this post seconds that!

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