Friday, April 25, 2008

between the lines

crazy kid
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Um, apologies for that dry spell.

Full plate here, largely un-fun.
Sir O's rash keeps getting worse, despite several trips to the pediatrician's office, and the constant itchy irritation makes for one ornery, tantrum-throwing, moody devil of a little boy who needs a haircut.

Trying to plan my first sharing time, get my house clean for my in-laws, finish my brother's wedding video, juggle piano lessons, play games online.....then feel guilty about wasted time, maintain a healthy, greasy level of hydracortozone and aquaphor on all of Sir O's appendages, get a haircut, etc.etc.etc.

p.s. Sir O loves skittles flavored lip balm, and my red shoes.


Anonymous said...

For Beanie, it's my pink patent leather pumps, and melon Lip Smackers.

Call or email me about Sir O's skin issues it you have time. You know what I've been through with Beanie, and I've finally found a cream combo that works KILLER.

Good luck with the juggling. I understand. Really.

aLi said...

that stinks about the rash. We have sensitive skin issues with Josh and Conrad, so we keep a healthy supply of cortizone cream and non-fragranced everything free laundry detergent on hand, too. I think Conrad just developed psoriasis on his scalp, too. :P Good luck with your huge plate load of stuff! I am super impressed! I am also glad to hear that you are alive still after that dry spell!!!

Brittany said...

Those are some killer red shoes. I love skittles chapstick too! Sorry to hear about the skin problems. Dom't you hate it when doctors don't just magically fix things? Good luck.

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