Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a Monday

A clear day, perfect for outsideness.

Left our cave for a mid-morning picnic. Sir O is beside himself with glee at the sight of a playground. Lots of climbing, little bits of falling, lots of running away. We finally head for home when there is too much orneriness to bear. I must remember that we had fun and it was worth it, after all.

Oh, and here's Sir O having tried to eat the dirt, and his mother not letting him. Drama.


Katie May said...

Awesome! You weren't lying when you said these PA winters were rough! Glad you got out and I'm glad it's spring!!

The Skinners said...

It was sooo good to get out and let them run wild a bit... It was fun... I tried taking a few shots of Oliver but he is so fast I couldnt get any clear ones ha ha.

Kati said...

Monday was a beautiful day here too. I spent almost all day outside. I love the nice weather.....I am ready for summer!!

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