Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This morning

I'm lying on the sunny spot on the floor in my room waiting for the water heater to work again. It's only broken 18 times in the past week. No biggie.

Sir O is on my bed watching veggie tales and being a moody devil because he didn't sleep through the night. Which means I didn't sleep through the night either.

I keep telling myself that I just have to make it through Thursday when Mr Renn finishes his finals (and I make it through my first Stake Auxilliary meeting).... but honestly, the parts of life that are poking at me aren't the parts that are going away any time soon. Or maybe that's just me being pessimistic about the apartment manager's stubborn refusal to replace our water heater.


Anonymous said...

I identify with laying in the spot of sunshine. I do that even when the water heater's working.

I sent you an email about the beads but am not sure if it landed in your junk mail. Let me know if you'd still like them and if so, where to send them to.

And thanks so much for commenting and reading!

aLi said...

amen for laying in sunshine. Too bad it had to be under your circumstances. There is nothing worse than having a broken water heater. Having a hot shower gets me through the day. Good luck, Em. I feel your pain.

Ashley said...

I have faced water heater disasters too as an apartment manager. A few times actually, one being on Christmas day while I was n Utah! Fun. It might be that the owner won't let them replace it. I hate being the bearer of bad news...and I like having friends as neighbors...and being nice... so basically that makes me a hoorible apartment manager. Oh well. On another note, I LOVE your bedding!

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