Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In and out

Wow, I need my blogging hand slapped. Good news is - today blogger and my computer are friends again (will it last?)

I really feel like constructing an all-inclusive, upbeat post today, but truly....
All I've done for a while now is lay around and feel lousy.
(And playing toulouse to take my mind off of feeling lousy)
Makes for poor quality/quantity blogging.
Make of that what you will.

Oh, and we gave Oliver his summer haircut.



You should see this boy's head sweat!
(and yes, that is an orthodontic pacifier, and he only has it when he's sleeping)


Anonymous said...

So, um... tell us why you feel so lousy?? Hmmmm?

Amanda said...

Emily! Hey girl, this is Amanda Thirkill Johnson. Long time not see. Your little boy is so cute!
What have you been up to?

Brittany said...

Oh, how precious! The hair cut looks really good. Do you still do it yourself? Bryan always wants me to cut his, but I'm too afraid I'll mess it up. I emailed you back by the way.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Ha ha ha! I am the same way Britt! So, Em..when is the baby due!? (I am just throwing that out there. I have no idea if you are prego, but it doesn't hurt to ask! Since, everyone else is thinking the same thing!;)

Katie May said...

Lousy? Hmmm...hope you're feeling better soon. (you're gonna have to address that one, I'm sure) Clay and I would love to come hang out! Let us know when !

And seriously, get rid of that need to explain why Oliver has a pacifier because NO ONE is judging you. My kid still sucks her thumb and every kid (especially ones that are Oliver's age) have something, whether it be a pacifier, thumb, blanket, animal, whatever.

Em said...

@katie may

it's nearly a running joke with some of Renn's classmates, since they learn about the evils of non-orthodontic pacifiers (and bottle propping and such) in their pediatric dentristry class. So whenever they see him with a bink, they ask. Just saving my breath.

Anonymous said...


Meh, I know all the evils of binks, but really, none of us are going to judge you on Sir O having a binkie- I mean really, Bean had piles of them hidden all over the house, well into his three's.

E n D said...

To tell you the truth, I've thought for a little while now that you might be pregnant. Was I right????

aLi said...

With the way Sir O's hair grows you'll have to cut it weekly to keep it "summer short!" What a cutie!

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