Sunday, June 08, 2008

One wild toddler

Sir O has been keeping us on our toes lately.
He has more energy than a canned natural disaster.
(an almost decent demonstration of the tsunami that is Sir O)

He's been climbing out of his crib since the end of April, but now he's actually running away from home. (Why he wants to leave our air conditioned apartment for the 90+ degree humid heat outside, I do not know).
And doorknob covers do not stop him. Deadbolts only deter him a bit. And he's about to figure out the slide-chain-lock thingie.
Sneaky little devil that he is, not only does he leave the apartment, but this morning we woke up to him in our bedroom canoodling out my craft scissors... all very sneaky and quiet like. Then he giggled like mad when he got caught.
I think I might have to retire from this toddler-mom thing.
Good news is, I DID manage to score a crib-tent on craigslist for $35. If all goes well we will pick it up tomorrow and I will be THAT much closer to ending my doomed-to-not-sleeping-at-night-for-fear-my-toddler-is-out-roaming-the-parking-lot-in-the-dark phase of life.
My friend Martha says he needs a t-shirt that reads "my parents are exhausted"
Good thing he's cute.


Chantele Sedgwick said...

Sneaky little guy! Sounds like my Caden! Hopefully he will grow out of trying to be an escape artist!:)

samunwritten said...

Ooh, you're in for LOADS of fun.
Did you ever hear the stories of Walker's escape artistry and neighborhood wanderings? (Naked wanderings, mind you.)
You should ask my Dad. He loves those stories.

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! He's a wild man! I'm so thankful Peanut hasn't figured out the crib climbing or doorknob thing. You should definitely get that shirt made.

j cubed said...

Oh my goodness the things I have to look forward to. I take a lot of notes from Oliver because Jackson follows his actions.

Katie May said...

My condolences. Only a hushed reverence for you at this time for I am in awe at how you cope. May you see more peaceful days ahead of you.

aLi said...

wow, that was a cute video! He IS busy!!! You poor poor thing. I am sorry Em! I hope the crib tent thing works for you. Lucky for me Conrad loves his crib... we'll see how long that lasts for. Until then, I am very happy.

Cam said...

Zachary was a resourceful escape artist, but nothing like Walker. You should definitely talk with Greg about his anti-escape prison security system to foil Walker's ingenious escape attempts.

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