Monday, August 11, 2008


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Couldn't handle the overwhelmingness in my apartment this afternoon, so I took Sir O for a long walk. It rained all day yesterday, so it was very nearly chilly out. It felt marvelous compared to the oppressive humid summer heat. I took Sir O over to Mill Grove and let him go whichever way he desired, so long as he stayed on a footpath. We actually went a way I'd never seen before and discovered two new bridges. I had to carry him a few more times that I would have liked, but that's what I get, right? Somehow it makes me feel like a better mom when he's having tactile interactions with nature. Pinecones, sticks, and rocks seem pretty wholesome compared to battery-operated trucks and such.
It made me feel just a smidgeon better about myself, and very tuckered out.


amyorr said...

You are a good mother. I hope you get better soon.

aLi said...

You've inspired me to be a better mom today, rather than drag him around Wal-mart or another store. (shopping is becoming my new addiction. wierd, huh. Wierd that I spend loaned money better than earned money.)

The Skinners said...

That sounds like the perfect day for Oliver. He looks really cute in his yellow hat. I hope you get feeling better soon. But dont expect much out of yourself, you are pregnant and deserve to rest and forget the things you need to do. Oliver is happy and healthy and you just need to know thats enough and your doing your job. Miss you guys! Hope Sir O hasnt forgotten us!

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