Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Glen and my puffy feet

Ah, we are home again, home again, jiggity jig. I heard a lady in the restrooms saying that the best part of camping is the hot shower you take when you get home. I laughed, then I conceded. Granted, I haven't taken that shower yet, but it sounds lovely.

Camping as a parent is such an insanely different experience from camping as a child. Not only do I not have my parents to plan and prepare meals and activities, but I have to chase my kamikaze child all over the place because I'm certain he's going to fall and split his head open on a rock. Camping is not the best showcase of my parenting skills. In fact, I'm pretty sure I made a paranoid idiot of myself, but it can only get better from there.

Other than freezing our tushes at night and forgetting to bring light sources, it was actually really fun. It's kind of crazy that camping would be the most fun for me when it's the hardest. (Because as a child camping was just another opportunity to disappear in a corner and read a book). Watching Sir O delight in good company and lovely scenery and dirt and rocks and pinecones was really satisfying for my soul. Granted, the satisfying moments were always peppered with paranoia, because Sir O is CRAZY and fears nothing, and thinks it's funny to spontaneously run away from me, often toward craggy dropoffs, but I digress.

I think we'll do it again, but not tomorrow.

P.S. A 3 mile hike plus pregnancy's tendency toward edema may not be the smartest combination I've ever subjected myself to. My ankles look pretty darn sausage-like at the moment.
More photos here.


Anonymous said...

That's so pretty. You're brave to go while pregnant. My issue with camping with a toddler isn't the paranoia so much as that she is filthy from head to toe. No matter how often I clean her up, she always finds more dirt to spread across her hands and face and clothes. Eventually I give up but it still makes me crazy. Sorry about your swollen ankles. Perhaps a bath should be included after the shower.

--jeff * said...

congratulations on (not only) surviving (but also enjoying) the camping trip!
i hope you savored the anticipated shower.

that's a great picture of sir o at the start of the post.

Ashley H. said...

Fun times at Rickets Glen with you guys! I'm glad we finally went. It was so pretty. You are such a trooper to hike that long while pregnant. Hope everything goes well with your ankles. And no one thought you were paranoid. :)

The Skinners said...

Wow you are amazing to take a toddler and baby- to -be camping! But it looks like a great time. You picked a very beautiful spot.

The Perry family said...

3 miles and prego, you're brave! I'm glad you survived, as well as Sir O.

Angela said...

Ah, I'm jealous! You are at my most favorite campsite of all times! That hike is a tough one, way to go.

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