Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn Begins

So says my calendar today. Crazy, isn't it, how time flies once you pass 21?
I'm excited to wrap up A/C season.
I'm worried that Oliver made an entire pack of gum disappear this morning, (I found the wrappers all in a pile), and I can't find the wad of stickiness anywhere, did he swallow it all? Aaack!
I'm amused that Sir O wants to wear my clothes today. (That's a maternity shirt that he was wearing, but has shuffled it's way down until it looks like a skirt).

I'm excited that there's some sort of festival/event to go see pretty much every weekend for the rest of the year. (Will we manage to get ourselves out the door? That's another issue entirely)

Sept. 27th - Fall Fest in Souderton, and Founder's Day Festival at Valley Forge.
Oct. 4th - Harvest Market Fair at Mill Grove
Oct. 11 - Schuylkill River Festival in Collegeville
Oct. 18th - Laerenswaert at Peter Wentz Farm and Hallow's Eve Festival at Pennypacker Mills
Oct. 25th - Pottsgrove Manor After Dark
Oct. 29th - Potts Cemetary Visit - Pottstown
Nov. 8 - Apple and Scrapple Days - Peter Wentz Farm
Nov. 28th - Lighting of the Village - Skippack
Dec. 5 - Ardmore Holiday Celebration
Dec. 6 - Candlelight Tour - Peter Wentz Farm
Dec. 7 - Holiday Open House - Mill Grove
Dec. 13 - Victorian Christmas Openhouse - Pennypacker Mills
Dec. 13-14 - Continental Army March-In - Valley Forge

All for FREE - my favorite part.

What are YOU excited about, now that Fall's falling?


K-Krew said...

Fall is my favorite season by far so I'm excited for all these fun (and free :) things to do around here.

--jeff * said...

i like sir o's skirt, and i love that you have so many activities planned on the horizon (even if you only get to half of them, that's still pretty dang).

as for me, i love jackets and long-sleeve shirt fashions.
and i shake my fist contemptuously at this mid-80s utah weather! at least the nights are cool....

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