Monday, September 22, 2008

Something MORE to be excited about

The next two days (Sept. 23rd and 24th) are the Big Etsy Benefit Sale for Nie Nie. It's being put on by the lovely Morgan Moore, and I think the entire thing is wonderful. First of all, I LOVE Etsy. I love being able to buy handmade items by people who know what they are doing, since I am only a crafty dabbler myself. (And once you've bought jewelry via Etsy you will never want to look anywhere else). Plus Morgan has collaborated with some of the interweb's most talented people, so the offerings will be amazing. Have a look, buy something if you can (lucky you!) and if not, still feel free to donate to Nie. (I should note that they want your prayers more than they want your money, but still...)
Isn't the world a cool place? Isn't this a great way to get cool stuff and help a lovely cause?
Don't miss it!

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