Monday, October 06, 2008

26 Weeks and a sampling of goals

When people tell me I'm looking "teeny" I feel the need to remind them I still have 3 full months to go. I'm finding it really hard to focus on being pregnant this go-round, except around midnight when I'm acutely aware of my punching bag status.

A few of my post-conference goals:
  1. Pray regularly for the opening of borders, because I was asked to, period.
  2. Plan a FHE on the Word of Wisdom, study D&C 89, and set goals for improving so as to avoid missing any blessings.
  3. Make a more conscious effort to be friendly and make eye-contact with neighbors and strangers.
  4. Write more regular (and encouraging) letters to my missionary cousins
  5. Be more purposeful about getting ready for church Sunday mornings. (I told Mr Renn we need to turn on the MoTab first thing, get me going)
  6. Plan a FHE on being more unified as a family and within the church - set goals there too.
  7. SAY MORE THANKFUL PRAYERS. (Am I the only one who constantly feels they're being called to repentance by Elder Bednar, he even used the words, "now is the time to repent".... wow.)
  8. Do better at mentioning people by name in prayers, which includes recognizing it will take longer to pray, and allowing more time for it. Also specifically pray for those I serve in my church callings.
  9. Make a conscious effort to teach my children by example to be guileless (hard one).
  10. Ask for more priesthood blessings.
  11. Re-read at least 4 of the talks I felt I missed the spiritual point of. (Especially Boyd K. Packer, I felt like his talk was a parable and I DIDN'T GET IT. At least not entirely).
  12. Be constantly aware of and prioritize Mr Renn's well-being.
  13. Be more aware of the example I set for my children.
  14. Eat more asian pears. (Uh, that one may not involve so much inspiration... but they are yummy!)


aLi said...

Amen. I think I will just copy and paste your blog post to mine. Minus the pregnant picture.

amyorr said...

Love your goals. good for you!especially #14. A goal to eat more of anything can't be bad, right. haha You do look super cute!!

Anonymous said...

Good goals - especially love the Asian pears one. :) I may have to integrate some of these goals into my life, too.

Anonymous said...

Those are some fantastic goals. And I think you are darling pregnant- Just darling.

Krystal said...

I have always loved how you live your life. What good goals! By the way you look so good prego. YOu really are little, but I know what you mean, when your the one going through it, you feel big, so big. Trust me you not, you look good. So do you have any names for the little guy?

Chantele Sedgwick said...

David taught me to listen to church music every Sunday morning. I just never really thought about it when I lived at home. Ever since we were married, we listen to at least one church c.d. before we head to church every Sunday. Those are great goals Em. You look so cute prego!

Ginnie said...

I'm loving that little pregnant belly!

--jeff * said...

em, one of the reasons you are so dang awesome is because you work to be better. you're an example.

and you can have all of my asian pears; i ran across them in japan and can't stand those things....

The Skinners said...

Those are some great goals... Also another reason people say you are "teeny" is also because you are ALL BABY and havent gained an ounce anywhere else! You look so great.

pepper said...

Great goals, I'm very impressed. And you do look really good.

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