Sunday, October 05, 2008

tippity top

Clearly General Conference was designed to send me to an unequivocal, personalized happy place. Temple announcements, my own family history, and lots and lots of tearing up.

Jay C. Hess a.k.a. "Grandpa"
Now, to review my notes, add insights and nudges from the spirit, and set concrete goals. What good is perfect counsel if I don't do something about it? Wish me luck!


--jeff * said...

when president monson mentioned the name "hess", i thought of you, but didn't think too much of it. perhaps if we'd gone forward with your movie about him, i might have recognized the story.
all the same, that's very cool.

"What good is perfect counsel if I don't do something about it? "
i may have to cite you on my blog.

please continue to be as awesome as you are.

Katie May said...

When President Monson mentioned "Jay C. Hess" Clay and I looked at each other and he said, "Um, so that's my Grandpa. That's just crazy." And a few years ago we were looking up a lesson in the FHE manual and I was browsing and found "ta-da!" Grandpa's first letter. Important lessons for us to learn.

p.s. Grandma Hess sends you nice things when you send pictures. Just a tip in case you haven't kept her up to date, since I thought you mentioned it had been awhile.

Cam said...

It was a FABULOUS General Conference, even before the partial quotation of Jay's counsel to his family from a prison even worse than Liberty Jail. I concur with Jeff 100%. You absolutely hit the nail directly on the head with your insightful question about the dubious value of inspired counsel- not withstanding it being obtained at a very high price- if it is not put into practice. He that has ears to hear, let him hear.

Chell said...

Oh how very cool. Good luck in following counsel. It is so much easier in theory then actual follow through. I know you can do it though..

aLi said...

oh my heavens, wow! That is so neat. I am going to be a name-dropper now.

OK, and here is my own name dropping... the Thomas S. Monson biography they played on the BYU channel (and elsewhere perhaps) showed my Grandma twice. She is his first cousin! She got to be interviewed, she was ecstatic to know she was going to be part of it. It was pretty thrilling to see her on there.

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