Sunday, October 26, 2008

29 weeks today

Waddling, creaking, and sighing loudly at the prospect of bending over.
Being the human punching bag and having all my internal organs remarkably squished.
The floor seems so very far away from up here, and yet I have to get down there so often to do the things that need done.
Standing for long makes me dizzy.
Still not sleeping well, I expect I'll get used to it.
Very much aware that this baby will never be easier to take care of than it is right now.
Me and the third trimester.

(Can I get a cheer for the primary program being over?.... and do I get points for actually doing my hair today?)


Anonymous said...

Hip hooray for a cute outfit, cute hair, and the Primary program being over! That must be such a relief. Ours was today and it was rather humorous.

Deena said...

What a huge relief to have the program done. Definitely yay.

And I LOVE your hair!

Angela said...

There really is something about the 3rd trimester that makes a pregnant body difficult to deal with.

Congrats on the program.

--jeff * said...

hooray for the primary program being over!

and your hair looks great!

Brittany said...

Your bangs are cute! Alas, I think you're right about that being the easiest it will be to take care of the next little one. Rest when you can!

The Perry family said...

Yay for you and the primary program being over. Still looking cute at 29 weeks! Just 2 more weeks until we do ours!

The Skinners said...

Honestly besides the first few months of newborn stuff... Its easier for me to be a mom when Im not pregnant and EXHAUSTED! So there is hope ha ha. You are getting a little cute belly... I loved your Halloween costume, very creative. And Im sorry your new neighbors are smoking.... that has to be rough. We miss you guys!

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