Saturday, October 25, 2008

and other song titles

Have I told you lately...

  • how much Sir O loves trains right now?
  • how Sir O is saying his own prayers (with help)?
  • that Sir O is finally showing progress in learning his colors?
  • that Sir O is showing an uncanny talent for finding dangerous, unstable objects to elevate himself with (to reach forbidden objects)?
  • that Sir O has an impressive array of animal sounds (and refuses to cooperate when I try to record them)?
  • that Sir O is totally fixated with watching himself on the camera LCD display? (And gets all camera shy, except for his tongue?)
  • how much fun it is to play in monsoon-ish rain? (Especially when a hot bath follows)
  • the funny stories about me and acne and being pregnant? This time instead of being asked by a Taiwanese supervisor if I had a rash, I was asked by a 5 year old if I had the chicken pox. Nice.
  • how nice it will be to have the primary program behind me tomorrow?
  • how hard it is for me to rewire my brain to love and celebrate motherhood-ing instead of just being content with it or consigning myself to it? Takes effort
  • how cute Sir O is in his jammies? (and how much he loves trains?... )

1 comment:

--jeff * said...

i think these sort of list are some of the best ways to remember the passing moments of childhood. love it.

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