Friday, October 31, 2008

An important service announcement

Way back in April I mentioned this documentary. My college friend and bridesmaid started documenting Soldiers who'd returned from the first rotation of service in Iraq way back in 2003 (including my cousin). This turned into a massive, massive project as she realized she'd stumbled upon something important and perhaps unexplored. What's the best way to support our troops? How's that for an important question? So check out Reserved to Fight.
I'm super-excited to watch this. It's already started broadcasting in some places. Check out your local PBS listings and make a note to watch it. It's gonna be good.

As for me, it already aired on the 28th here (which is technically before it was supposed to... but oh well). The only other time it's playing here is at 5am on Sunday, so I'm going to have to find a friend with a Tivo. Any volunteers?


--jeff * said...

so she actually and finally finished it?? wow.

thanks for the notice; my dvr is set to record it at midnight on the 12th.

if you happen to be in the neighborhood, let me know.

K-Krew said...

We recorded it so it's available whenever you want to watch it or tape it. Just let us know :)

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