Sunday, November 02, 2008

30 Weeks: ginormous + grateful = ginormously grateful

The expansion of my middle region marches on.
This is a good thing.
It is also remarkably uncomfortable. But it doesn't involve much puking, so I am not terribly inclined to complain. Although it is a quandary how to respond to the ever-asked "how are you feeling?". Um, pregnant?

Other than a few little things I seem to handle late pregnancy quite well. Running out of breath constantly, struggling with getting up and down, braxton hicks contractions, and less-than-stellar-sleep are pretty much part of the package deal for anyone's pregnancy. Nobody loves them, but they don't render your entire being useless and miserable like nausea does.

I guess it's the perspective that makes all the difference.

Isn't that always the case?

I've had a decent dose of perspective lately, and Sundays are always marvelous for calibrating perspective, and it's November to boot. AND I've decided that perspective and gratitude are two sides of the same coin.

So I'm going to wax grateful. I know, everybody's doing it. So what? Can you think of a more awesome fad?

I have decided that I'm incredibly lucky that Mr Renn loves what he does. He still comes home and is excited to tell me about his day and what he's learned and been able to do. He still thinks dentistry is cool, and after all the hours and dollars that are going into this dental school gig, that makes it all worth it.

I have decided that I love Sir O's rambunctious nature. I love it all the more because he has to try so hard to be a good boy. And he does try. I love him for trying, and I love him for failing sometimes.

I love it that Sir O and the belly monster have such a great dad and male role model. I really believe it makes such a difference for a boy to learn what a man is and does and should be from someone who is actually doing their best. I love it that Mr Renn is teaching our boy(s) that real men give their boys hugs and kisses and say "I love you" a lot. (And also that real men make their wives breakfast in bed, do the dishes, sing in choirs, and write thank-you notes). Very manly, don't you think?

Mr Renn and I spent our Sunday afternoon reading an article in Seeing the Everyday Magazine. (Which I have decided is practically perfect in every way. If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas for a thoughtful parent-type person, look no further - Design Mom raved about it here and here). The article was about family work - how imperative work within the home is for building family relationships and character. Then I remembered an article on family work from this book, (from a class I took at BYU) and we started reading that too.

As much as I know that no amount of planning and setting goals can prepare you for what life brings, I still feel like it's important. And I like it that Mr Renn and I are able to discuss details of how we want our family to function, knowing we will fall short of our ideals. It fills me with faith instead of fear.

It also gives me the strength to pop a squat on the floor and play trains one more time. And that's saying something.


--jeff * said...

mr renn, thank you for being an awesome man. the world needs more of them.

em, thank you for being an awesome mother, wife, pregnant lady, latter-day saint, blogger, housekeeper, and friend.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful and your dress is so pretty! That is a great list. We definitely have good things in our lives to be grateful for. I'm glad you shared some of yours. And I completely agree on loving that magazine. It's just such a nice one to have around.

Krystal said...

You look so cute! It is never fun to be prego, but just think you are getting closer to the end, that must sound nice! So do you have a name for that little guy? It is always good to take a moment and remember all the good blessing we have. HEy could you send me your email so I can invite you to our blog( Thanks

Katie May said...

So many things to comment about! I nearly snorted my Cheerios when you decided to "pop a squat" and play with Oliver.
I agree with EVERYTHING you said about Renn and family and all those good things in life.
Plus, thank you for sharing your sources.
I'm glad to hear that, although you're in the horrible part of pregnancy, you're no longer extremely nauseous.

Brittany said...

It's a great fad, and who cares what everyone else is doing anyway? Thanks for sharing!

The Perry family said...

Love this post! I like when people can talk about how much they love their little ones and husband without having to apologize for being sentimental or mushy. Thanks for sharing. You look good in that dress, 30 weeks and all! And to reassure Renn, which he obviously doesn't need, he's very sensitivly mucho.

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