Sunday, November 16, 2008

32 Weeks for the peeps that care

There really are people who want to see these, I promise. They're just not the people who leave comments. I was getting requests when I started - I'm not making this up, promise. I wouldn't be exhibiting my pregnancy neck-fat otherwise.

My back has seen better days, and nights.

The power went out during church today and they decided to send everyone home right after I had started my sharing time. Frazzled moment in my life. Luckily it was followed up by me falling asleep with Sir O in his bed. It was squishy (and did not make my back any happier), but I appreciated the rest. Can't remember the last time I napped successfully.

Pumpkin Eggnog makes me happy. Jeff mentioned it around Halloween, so when I saw some at the store I decided to try it. Mr Renn wants to try making ice-cream out of it. Sir O inhales it.
I keep buying it.

I made these for a baby shower this week. (Pretend mine were that pretty, okay?) For some unknown reason I love preparing for baby showers. They imbue me with mysterious crafty/kitchen energy.

Mr Renn and Sir O have been terribly creative with their train playing/constructing lately. Here is what remained of one masterpiece by the time the camera was grabbed. (They don't live long around here).
Sir O has started calling lots of stacked objects "cakes" and any kind of candle is a "birthday cake". He also starts nearly every sentence with "Hey!..." It makes me smile.

Sir O just got into a project on my desk that involved glitter. There is glitter ALL over him. And now me, and everything. The house will be glitter-i-fied for months now. Too bad glitter is so hard to capture in photos with NO NATURAL LIGHT. There is no natural light in my life anymore. Not my favorite thing. Almost as un-favorite as attempting to clean up the glitter mess is about to be. (Unsuccessful attempt to show you the glitter all around Sir O's mouth)



Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

I love the pictures of your belly! Well, I love any pictures but especially the ones of your cute growing baby belly. Keep them coming.

Deena said...

I LOVE oreo truffles. So tasty.

Anonymous said...

Those truffles look so yummy, and I love seeing the belly pictures. I'm so glad it's egg nog season again. Yay! And ugh about the glitter. That's a nightmare. I knew there was a reason I haven't bought any for a few years.

The Perry family said...

Wow, if I don't keep up on my blog reading, I really miss a lot of your posts. I love reading your posts!

--jeff * said...

i'd forgotten that i promoted the pumpkin nog again this year until i followed your link to make sure; i'm stoked that sir o also loves it. i wish i'd had time to buy more this season. still, just today i was getting excited that egg nog season will be starting shortly...

i love sir o's train set; my family had the same kind growing up. it's pretty cool how some things don't go out of style.

Kori said...

Pumpkin-nog ice cream sounds awesome...not sure if I should share the idea with Jake or not...neither of us need the extra calories!
P.S. I'd like to invite you to read my blog so please send me your email:

Anonymous said...

I think you look so cute! I wish I looked that good at 32 weeks.

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